With an ESN Card, you can get discounts across the UK with ESN's partner organisations. Find out more at http://www.esncard.org/.

Here are some of the discounts you can enjoy in Aberdeen with your ESN card!

Campus  and  Garage:

  • 50% off Nifty Fifty Food
  • 50p off any drink at any time
  • Free entry and queue jump to The Garage on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday Nights
  • £2 off entry and queue jump to The Garage on Friday and Saturday Nights

Underground & Bridge Street Social Club (formerly Korova):

  • 20% off food
  • 50% off food on Mondays
  • 20% off drinks at the Social Club
  • Free entry to Underground every day any time (except Thursdays before 12am)
  • Free food at the Social Club on Wednesday 12pm-5pm


  • Queue jump
  • Free entry before midnight
  • Half price rate on the door after midnight, making the entry price £2 on Friday and Saturday nights (offer will not necessarily affect event nights organised by outside promoters)

Slains Castle:

  • Pint of Carling, Strongbow or Belhaven just £2.25 all day every day
  • Deadly Sins Cocktails only £4.00 all day every day
  • Various Fishbowls are £6.50 all day every day
  • 20% off food (or current RIP [Slains discount card] offer)
  • Access to RIP offers, including:
    • Seven Sins Pitcher: £8.50
    • Kopparberg: £3
    • VK: £2.25
    • Becks Bottle: £2.25
    • Bottle House Wine: £8.50 (£7.50 Monday-Thursday)

Institute (Vanity - Friday nights):

  • V deal: Guest list queue & discounted entry before 12, when you say 'ESN' at the door
  • £1.50 - Smirnoff Black and Mixer / Corky's Shots / Jose Cuervo Silver
  • £2.50 - Jagerbomb



Want an ESN Card? You can get one when you become a member of ESN RGU at our Welcome events during Freshers Week!