Family Fortunes (or Family Feud as it is known in the States) is a gameshow which pits two families against each other, and asks them to answer questions based on a survey of the public.

For example a question in the game may be "We surveyed 100 people and we asked them to name something 'blue'.." and the families need to try and guess the Top Answers in order to score points.

Watch the first couple of minutes of this video to get a better handle of the concept: 

So now, ESN RGU has decided to host a Family Fortunes night here in Aberdeen! A survey has already been conducted in and around RGU, and soon we will sort out the contestants who will be playing in the "Families".


Tickets will be:
£2 for non-ESN Card card-holders;
£1 for ESN Card-holders

To buy a ticket please speak to an ESN RGU Committee member!


Some of the answers from the survey are hilarious, as you may expect with a bunch of students filling it out. So come along to Mither Tap and witness the popular gameshow being played in front of your very eyes!

Remember, EVERYONE IS WELCOME TO ATTEND OUR EVENTS, but as this is a ticketed event we do ask that you make sure to buy a ticket prior to coming! We have 80 tickets to be sold which should be plenty.

SPREAD THE WORD and invite away! :)

The Mither Tap (Google Maps):,-2.1044812,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x48840e180060d49b:0xb317cda5cc9126fa

Facebook Page:
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Snapchat: esnrgu


1) Please do not forget to bring some form of ID with you.
2) Bring your ESN Cards to avail student deals
3) You can sign up for ESN RGU on this event.

18/11/2015 - 20:00
United Kingdom
1£ for ESNcard holders / 2£ For non ESNcard holders
  • Everyone is invited.