"Remember, remember, the 5th of November
Gunpowder, treason and plot "

Bonfire night and the fireworks display is a big annual thing in Scotland, and especially Aberdeen. As the mercury continues to drop, massive crowds gather around the Promenade and the Beach Boulevard. It is almost a carnival, with small stalls selling goodies, and loudspeakers blaring cool tracks.

It is Guy Fawkes' Day (or rather, Night).

The exact timing is not officially confirmed yet - make sure you click on "Interested", in order to know exactly when we are meeting at Castlegate to walk to the beach! 

The area around it will be closed for cars and only pedestrians will be able to access it. The fireworks display should start at 8pm and last for about 20 minutes. We will meet at 7.15pm at Castlegate and walk to the beach - please be punctual, we won't be able to wait for long! 

It's gonna be early November, and the event's right next to the beach, so remember to bundle up warm. Also be warned, that carrying personal fireworks to the event is FORBIDDEN.

(Please note: To prevent any misunderstanding, this is an annual Aberdeen City event, and we are just basically advertising it. ESN RGU is not organising this event - the fireworks display. We are just facilitating people who want to go to view it.)

Remember, EVERYONE IS WELCOME TO JOIN US AS ALWAYS - and not just Erasmus/Exchange or RGU students!! ♥

SPREAD THE WORD and invite away! :)

05/11/2016 - 19:15
Aberdeen Beach
Meeting Point: 
Aberdeen Beach
United Kingdom
Free to everyone!
What's included: 
  • Beautiful firework display
  • Everyone is invited.